GHL hockey is for adults with ZERO to many years of experience 

A safe and friendly hockey atmosphere for more than 600 players and 20 years! GMs, referees, scorekeepers, social events, and local charity involvement.

Mixed Division: A mix of beginner and intermediate players participating in the same division
Minor Division: Beginners who struggle to skate or have difficulty stopping quickly
Major Division: Intermediate players who skate well but did not likely play in their youth 
Select Divison: Talented players who played hockey for many years and enjoy a fast-paced game

Winter - 4 CO-ED Divisions: Sep-Apr

Friday - Ridley Arena - Mixed Division
Saturday - Virgil Arena - Minor Division
Saturday - Virgil Arena - Major Division
Sunday - Virgil Area - Select Divison

Summer - 2 CO-ED Divisions: May-Aug

Thursday - Ridley Area - Select Divison
Friday - St.C 4-Pad - Mixed Division

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