GHL Niagara
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GHL hockey is for adults with ZERO to many years of experience 

We've been running safe and friendly hockey for over 20 years!
GMs, referees, scorekeepers, social events, and local charity involvement

Mixed Division: A mix of beginner and intermediate players participating in the same division
Minor Division: Beginners who struggle to skate or have difficulty stopping quickly
Major Division: Intermediate players who skate well but did not likely play in their youth 
Select Division: Talented players who played hockey for many years and enjoy a fast-paced game

Winter - 4 CO-ED Divisions - September to April

Friday - Ridley & Gale Arena - Mixed Division
Saturday - Virgil Arena - Minor Division
Saturday - Virgil Arena - Major Division
Sunday - Virgil Area - Select Division

Summer - 2 CO-ED Divisions - May to August

Thursday - Ridley Area - Select Divison
Friday - St.C 4-Pad - Mixed Division

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