We are a Niagara based adult beginner hockey league. GHL Niagara. We are the original and best co-ed beginner hockey league. We have beginner players from all over the Niagara region, inscluding: St. Catharines, NOTL, Thorold, Virgil, Welland and Pelham.

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Links around the Web

Below are links that players have passed on. If you see something great, that is appropriate to share, please send the link to

Commish Picks

Magic Hockey Helmet - a must viewing for all parents and kids

Hockey Commercials

2009 Nike Ad - Force Fate
Verizon - You Wouldn't Make It In The NHL
Verizon - Fight In Elevator
Amp Energy Drink - Ryan Miller
Molson Canadian - Start of Hockey Strike
Moslon Canadian - End of Hockey Strike
NHL.com - Shed (End of Hockey Strike)
2003 Mighty Ducks - Check Please

NHL Team Videos

2008/09 Edmonton Oilers Opening Video - splices current players with former greats
Bruins - Guy with Montreal Canadiens fan
Nashville Predators - Taylor Swift Promo

Hockey Plays

Alex Kovalev stickhandling and shooting video
Ales Hemsky's goal after Patrik Stefan's empty net miss
Wayne Gretzky tribute video

Hockey - TV

2008 HNIC Opening
Don Cherry - 7 second delay - shown on  Royal Canadian Air Farce

Hockey - General

Clark - the Canadian Hockey Goalie
Hockey Moms vs Sarah Palin
Hockey Edicate
Hockey Rules Explained - from the movie Slapshot

Hockey - Skating Tutorials

Power Stops
Balance Drills
Forward Stride
Backward Stride
Forward Crossover
Backward Crossover

Hockey - Goalie Tutorials

Wogitech Goaltending Tutorial (part1part2, part3part4)


40 Inspirational Speeches from Movies montage