We are a Niagara based adult beginner hockey league. GHL Niagara. We are the original and best co-ed beginner hockey league. We have beginner players from all over the Niagara region, inscluding: St. Catharines, NOTL, Thorold, Virgil, Welland and Pelham.

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 GHL Team Championships


Major Division


* Changed names in 10/11 Season from Pro Division to Major Division


2010-11 Canadiens

2011-12 Senators

2012-13 Sabres

2013-14 Canadiens

2014-15 Penguins

2015-16 Penguins

2016-17 Hawks

2018-19 Leafs



Minor Division

Summer Division

Other Winners

2007/08 - Junior Division - Inferno
2007/08 - Allstar Division - Jets