We are a Niagara based adult beginner hockey league. GHL Niagara. We are the original and best co-ed beginner hockey league. We have beginner players from all over the Niagara region, inscluding: St. Catharines, NOTL, Thorold, Virgil, Welland and Pelham.

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Welcome to GHLNiagara


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The GHL is Niagara's original co-ed non-contact beginner hockey league. This league was created for adults who have little or no childhood hockey experience. We have two seasons per year:


September > March: Saturdays in Virgil (26 Games)

May > August: Fridays in St. Catharines (13 Games)


The GHL has over 250 members and provides a fantastic hockey experience, complete with GMs, captains, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, and one amazing, friendly atmosphere.


Click "About Us" to see some video footage of our games.

Week 16 MVPs



Tyler Scoville (Canadiens) - As one of the hardest workers on the Canadiens team, Tyler gives his all every game. He actively seeks to improve himself, and his efforts have really been paying off. Congratulations on being awarded this week's MVP, Ty!


Augie (Wings) - Augie was amazing on the ice Saturday night. No one knew that to be a goalie you had to be a gymnast too. She was blocking pucks in maneuvers that would make some NHL goalies jealous! Way to go Augie and keep it up! Go Wings!                                                                                                                                                                    



Sharon Burns (Leafs) - Sharon brought the heat to centre! She had the fire in her skates and continued to work both directions. She kept the Hawks on their heals the whole game.


Megan Coers (Hawks) - Now that Megan has mastered offsides (hehe), she is killing it out there! She's a very smart player making sure she's in the right place at the right time giving her several chances this week and 2 assists. Go Megan!



Amanda Ballantyne (Rangers) - Amanda played a great game this week and scored her first ghl goal! Earning her this weeks mvp!


Tristan and Judy (Bruins) - This weeks Bruins MVP is split between two players who constantly play hard and help drive the team. The Bruins felt the sting of a tough Rangers offense this week but the Bruins never gave up. Tristan and Judy hustled like true grinders and Judy potted the only Bruins goal this week off an outstanding pass from Tristan. Congratulations Judy and Tristan on a well earned MVP.



Josh Barber (Ducks) - Josh got the monkey off his back! Week after week Josh plays his heart out and was finally rewarded with a goal scorers goal! His best game yet! Great game Josh! Well deserved! 

Last week - The inanimate carbon rod. In rod we trust.  

Week before that - Angie Humphries - her best game of the season. Strong skating, smart play making, quick puck movement and a force on the blue line.  


Steve Stapleton (Canucks) - After a hard fought battle, the shell shocked Canucks retreated to the dressing room. In the aftermath, the wildly distracted assistant coach, who was rushing to change so he could coach the Bruins, completely forgot to assign the MVP. Much later, with the sting of defeat fading and while enjoying the company and camaraderie of the GHL, Steve Stapleton, a true and kind gentleman, let the bewildered assistant coach know that the MVP award, affectionately known as the Golden Twig, was in his tender care. It was in that moment that the assistant coach was struck by inspiration and he knew what he had to do. Steve Stapleton, through his good and stoic nature has rightfully claimed his title as this weeks Canucks MVP. 
Thanks for getting the stick Steve. 



Terry Grout (Flames) - Flame of the Game this week goes to Terry for his will power and strength to get through an ENTIRE GHL game in the middle of the ice! More than GM Josh can say! Thanks and great game Mr. Grout!


Miranda Clark (Sabres) - All Miranda had to do this week was to show up, put in a few shifts on the ice, party at Silks till 3am and get home safe to be the star of the week. Why you ask? Because it was her birthday week! BUT she cemented the start of the week by scoring a goal and played great in the face off circle against a solid Flames team. Congrats Miranda!



Billy Matson, Tina Matson, Andrew P (Oilers) - For a variety of reasons, the Oilers were short-benched this past week and needed a lot of recruits from the farm. Billy and Tina responded very well to the challenge and generated some very good scoring chances. Andrew P made some difficult saves and kept the Oilers in the game to the end. Thank you all for playing a second game and we would be happy to have you fill in anytime. For this we salute you with the MVPs of the week.


Diana Hastings (Sharks) - Diana was a mid-season addition to our team and we are thrilled to have her as a shark. Diana is relentless in whatever position we place her in whether it's forward or defense. This week she earned shark of the week by being ready by the net and fighting for the puck along the boards, and most importantly staying out of the penalty box. Great work Diana, we are excited to have you as a shark.


by posted 01/22/2020
Silks Prize

Catching up…

Silk’s Country Kitchen has once again donated four $100 gift certificates to be used for the best record in each division after 10 games and again after 20 games. So, with week 10 of the GHL Niagara behind us we now have our first two winners of the Silks Prize. There is one $100 prize for the best record in each division. If your team wasn't the winner this time, don't worry we now reset the clock. Each team will have another chance at the Silks Prize after the next 10 games.

Congratulations to…

Silk’s Country Kitchen Prize Winner Major Division: GHL Sharks

Silk’s Country Kitchen Prize Winner Minor Division: GHL Hawks

by posted 01/15/2020
Trade Tracker

2019 GHL Trade Tracker


Minor Division

Wings Acquire: Michael Petriw 

Hawks Acquire: Shawn Gray



Acquire: Jay Buffington* 


Major Division

Sharks Acquire: Diana Hastings 

Flames Acquire: Dan Murawski


Sabres Acquire: Nigel Davis                                       


Canucks Acquire: Jeff Kerr from the Waitlist


Oilers Acquire: Manon Brochu


by posted 12/05/2019
GHL Winter Champions


2018/19 Winter - Individual Award Winners

2018/19 Videos


(Wings - Minor Champions)


(Leafs - Major Champions)

by posted 04/15/2018
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